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A message from The Foundation President

Hello to all our SAMF Members out there in the wilds of this Covid 19 business! My first thoughts are to all of you, hoping that you are managing to adjust well to the once a week shopping trip to Superstore, talking to the grand kids on the phone as often as you can, hoping that that they aren’t trying to get away from you. Mom, how come they call so often?! They never used to! Can’t you just hear it now. It makes you feel so helpless doesn’t it. We all have to do out personal bit to ensure safety for everyone, but it sure gets old in a hurry. My wife has been cleaning the kitchen cupboards. It almost passes the old boys test, with the peas all sized right to left, next the corn niblets, the various sauces that I don’t think I’ve ever noticed before…there must be a lot of sauce in what we eat! Then the chips stacked neatly in their brand new wicker box in the basement, the fridge in the kitchen has never been this organized, the burned out lightbulbs in the garage are all replaced now with brand new ones (I never knew there were that many shades of curly cue light bulbs before), and tomorrow, believe it or not, we’re going to clean out the freezer in the garage. I wonder how many different sizes of turkeys there will be resting on the bottom of it!?

But seriously folks, even if you just want to gab, give a call to an old friend. These are the types of activities we should all be engaging in. Get out your old telephone lists and see if how many of them you can find at the end of a telephone. I will bet you dollars to doughnuts you will find quite a few, and they will be overjoyed you called. Just tell them you are spending the time catching up with old friends. They will appreciate it.

Seriously though folks, don’t let this thing get you down. We have been through hard times in the past, and we persevered. This isn’t any fun, but we’ll persevere again I dare say. And come next fall the sunrises and sunsets may even be a different sort of a colour, as there isn’t as much pollution from car exhausts in the air. If you’ve got something on your mind museum wise, just give Karen or myself a call and we’ll see what we can do for you. But the most important thing to do is to stay safe folks. We want you around for as long as the good Lord wants you to be. Don’t let any of these nasty little virri get you down. It’ll all be over soon and we can all tell our stories down at the golf course towards the end of summer.

Take care all. And be kind to your grocery store clerks. Give them a wave and say hello and that you appreciate them.

John Cody

Memberships/ 500 club tickets/ 50-50 tickets can still be purchased by calling Karen Collacutt- McHarg at  902-461-0062,or 902-462-7043
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,
eTransfer This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can visit the Shearwater Aviation Museum Foundation website and pay there while the snail mail has been stopped until this Covid-19 ends.
Check us out on Facebook if you have access, I post lots of photos daily.


SAMF Club Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Weekly Draw for our 500 Club Fundraiser


June 5th Tim Kemp $300

June 12th Tom Copeland $200

June 18th Peter Staley $240 (winner of 50/50 draw)

June 19th Jamie Robinson $200

June  26th Stirling Conrod $200

June 29th Chuck Coffin $200

July 3rd Gordon Davies $250

July 10th Paul Baiden $250

July 17th Weldon Paton $250


Wall of Honour Tiles


The tile used is made from high quality marble which is 12 inches square. The tile can be sand blasted in various ways to suit your wishes. All lettering will be in upper case and the tile will be mounted in the diamond orientation as opposed to a square orientation. All Text will run horizontally across the tile.

The options are:

Option A: One half tile 12" X 12" x 17" and triangular in shape with up to 5 rows of 3/4" letters for a maximum of 60 letters and spaces. The longest row can accommodate up to 20 letters and spaces. The remaining 4 rows will decrease in length as the border/edge of the tile dictates. It should be noted that the upper half of the tile will start with a short row and the bottom half will start with a long row.

Option B: The full tile with up to 6 rows of 1" letters for a maximum of 55 letters and spaces. The two centre rows can accommodate up to 16 letters and spaces. The remaining rows will decrease as the edge of the tile dictates.

Option C: The full tile with up to 10 rows of 3/4" letters for a maximum of 120 letters and spaces. The two centre rows can accommodate 20 letters and spaces. The remaining rows will decrease as the edge of the tile dictates.

Option D: The “Buddy” Tile - sold only as a full tile. This tile is divided into 4 quarters - each 6" X 6". Each quarter can accommodate up to 6 rows of ½” letters for a maximum of 48 letters and spaces. The two centre rows can accommodate up to 12 letters and spaces with the remaining rows decreasing as the tile edge dictates.

Option A
wall clip image004 0000

Option B & C
wall clip image002 0000

Option D
wall clip image006

Wall Tiles may be purchased through monthly installments.
Half Tiles - $100 day of purchase - $100 per month for the following two months.
Full Tiles - $200 day of purchase - $ 100 per month for the following four months.

To order click here

For further information, please contact the SAMF Secretary.

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